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A service provider

Client and Project Introduction

The client needed a turnkey implemetation based on new and aligned technologies to aid a multi-vendor and multi-customer solution.

Customer Need Challenges Constraints

The business challenges/ requirements were:

  • Rapid cloud adoption.
  • Constantly and consistently providing quality services.
  • Multiple sub-client management and cloud billing on different tiers.
  • Pricing methodologies and consumption models.
  • Applications’ integration and service delivery.

Service/Solution Benefits

An Enterprise-Class, Scalable, Multitenant, and Multi-Site Private cloud platform turnkey solution was developed. The solution was able to

  • automate, orchestrate and be secure
  • Be cost-effective and reduce time to market
  • Gather the Service Provider business data with multiple vendor scope of work
  • integrate and carve out a single scope of work ensuring that there were no gaps and that all these technologies came together as a single solution.

MDS SI Team provided a secure and agile platform called Incloud Infrastructure to onboard, manage and automate client’s requirements.​