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Airport Terminal

Client and Project Introduction

This airport terminal had the objective to

  • improve vessel turnaround times
  • enhance the flexibility of operations
  • improve overall efficiency.

Customer Need Challenges Constraints

The management of the terminal believed that the cargo movement is considerably slow and that it needs to be optimized, it was mandated to increase its capacity by 300%. They required a secure flow of information through the IT & OT networks to improve vessel time. The core expectations from the client were

  • Upgrade the existing outdated infrastructure
  • Expand the network infrastructure to support the expansion mandate.
  • Provide 100% Outdoor Wireless coverage under all weather conditions.
  • Integrate, Interconnect, and secure the IT and OT Networks for efficient port operations management 24×7.

Service/Solution Benefits

The terminal had a strategic objective to unlock growth by moving cargo quickly and safely through the port. In order to accomplish this objective they needed a solution that was:

  • Scale-able
  • Flexible
  • Secure flow

In this quest to improve vessel turnaround time, we provided the terminal with automation solutions to enhance the flexibility of operations and improve efficiency.

All this was achieved by:

  • Installing Industrial Outdoor Ethernet and Wireless Technology for 100% coverage across the port.
  • Setting up Firewalls for IT/OT networks integration
  • Upgrading Network Infrastructure

Data Center Infrastructure upgrade