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Aviation Organization Levels Up with Dynamic Big Data Analysis

Client and Project Introduction

Aviation is a competitive industry that needs instant data analysis to help divisive decision-making in crunch time. So, we suggested an AI/ML-based Big Data Analysis Tool to harness multisource data in decisions and strengthen the business core.

Service/Solution Benefits

Our Solution?  Big Data Analytics by harnessing the power of  AI and ML (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning) technology

Helping them render real-time decision-making capabilities, thus boosting the profitability of the organization.

How did we do it? A cloud-based solution with 4 main modules

1) Cloud data management

2) Data Integration platform

3) Data Platform

4) SQL Lakehouse platform

All 4 components offered our client, the ability to

  • Incorporate data stored in different systems
  • Analyze this data for data-driven decisions
  • Streamlining data to sensible information
  • Deploy integrations with their QA systems using our defined APIs

Customer Need and Challenges Constraints

The client gives the highest regard to standards of safety, hygiene, and overall customer delight. When partnering with them for a data repository that would align varied data sources, we understood they needed

  • An all-encompassing, real-time, invariably available platform
  • To Generate business insights for a dynamically changing market