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Digital Transformation (DX)

Automate, Secure, and Ensure Scalable Business Growth

In Dynamic Times - Digitize to be Agile

Create opportunities with transformative solutions – reduce cost, minimize risk, and improve corporate governance for value creation and growth.

To ascertain your next digital steps we assess

  • Scale of Operations
  • Current Digital Engagement
  • Alignment with Immediate Goals

MDS SI has developed a comprehensive Framework coupled with our capabilities, reach and depth of proven expertise, we aspire to be a partner of choice in your digital transformation journey.

Digital Strategy and Innovation

Digital Transformation is now a survival imperative, not an innovative drive. With growing costs, competitive pricing structures, and asset scarcity – Digital Strategy and Innovation are vital.

Level-ups you get with digital strategy and innovation:

  • More efficient processes across the entire enterprise
  • Identify and serve new customer segments
  • Improve the overall customer experience
  • Increase profitability ratios and other strategic KPI’s important for your business

We strategize with you to build advanced digital road maps to transform your businesses by assessing your readiness for technology. For the next steps in your digital journey:

  • Assess your current digital readiness index (people, governance, technologies, processes, etc.)
  • Identify opportunities and risks
  • Define a set of priorities and ways of addressing them
  • Develop a transformation roadmap based on an agreed and defined set of objectives
  • Implement the roadmap, using a phased approach
  • Develop a process to evaluate achieved results for continuous development

Digital Innovation propels growth and figuring out where to apply it comes from our understanding of the intersection of your core competencies with your competitive edge.

Cloud Strategy and Services

The Success of a Cloud Journey lies in the Counsel. With a resilient Cloud strategy, we support improved flexibility while managing complexities and costs.

Our Process:

  • Assess the organization’s current maturity and inter-dependencies
  • Discover the Applications and Underlying Infrastructure
  • Migrate Workloads in fast sprints
  • Manage, Monitor and Automate the Infrastructure
  • Optimize for improving Performance in terms of Capacity, Resources, Costs, SLA

Our Expertise:

  • Experience in All Cloud Systems; Private & Public
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Strategy based on workload and Governance requirements
  • Comprehensive Security Framework

Operational Excellence

Incremental Operational Automation is the quickest place to start your digital journey

  • Digitize Repetitive Tasks
  • Digitize Workflow Tasks
  • Digitize Critical Tasks

Operational Excellence is an investment in itself as it paves the path to exceeding customer expectations through improved business processes and culture.

With Operational Excellence:

  • KPI-based measurable performance is enhanced
  • Internal problems are quickly detected
  • Higher profit margins are realized
  • Combined with lean management methods, companies benefit from OPEX reduction
  • You champion Sustainability in business

Operational Excellence is your competitive edge in the marketplace to harness your business capabilities. Make it seamless to ensure Customer Delight.

Line of Business Solutions

Our expertise enables Industry based solutions to be specialized for your particular environment and cater to your business needs.

Our Line of Business Solutions are vouched for by Industry experts to understand distinct process flows and map them efficiently. They

  • Encompass integration capabilities that tie into your existing data and systems.
  • Offer decision-making assistance
  • Provide innumerable data points of internal processes
  • Ensure efficient management of resources

Every business has unique value-adds that give it an edge. Our solutions

  • Systematize individual industry core processes to incrementally digitize your business
  • Give a clear framework for your workforce to optimize value
  • Assist in setting process-specific KPIs that can be monitored to improve performance
  • Help execute jobs efficiently by providing precision and mapping out next steps

Big Data, Analytics, AI, BI, RPA

Our Big Data and Analytics Solutions cast the real world to business models. This helps you

  • Understand the current dynamic times in business terms and variables
  • Collect innumerable real-time data points across all your key touchpoints – customers, resources, products/services
  • Repackage data to optimize your products and enhance the overall customer experience
  • Adapt to change faster by analyzing data to form an accurate worldview for your business

MDS SI AI and BI Solutions help you quantify, correlate, and visualize data for informed decision-making.

With our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions, repetitive tasks are converted into workflows for bots to execute.

  • This ensures precise clearance of tasks and quick results
  • It sets more data in motion and repeats the cycle for efficient growth
  • Goals are hit with increased accuracy and reliable consistency

Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber security answers the main business risk question of our connected age – what if we lose all our data?

Our services systems build confidence and reliability amongst the users. We deploy technology, policies, and processes, empowering people to protect key information.

MDS SI solutions focus on metrics related to specific outcomes that prove your cyber security program is credible and defensible.

A fortified cyber security solution enables you to control and authorize access which

  • Maintains data confidentiality
  • Shields data from hacks, attacks, and phishing
  • Sets up data backup routines

Our Solutions protect your business from threats like malware, viruses, data tunnels, system crashes, data loss, information link breakages, etc. They leverage security protocols to

  • Protect critical sectors with resilient systems
  • Rescue with intelligent investigation and remediation

The risk mitigation proficiency of our solutions, helps you to get to normal, faster. Our solutions

  • Implement multiple layers of Technology to combat cyber threats
  • Aggregate, correlate, and analyze threat data in real-time

Cyber security is now a necessity for all Enterprises and a key pillar for your Organizations long term business success.