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ExxonMobil Streamlines Operations with Asset Management in Iraq

Client and Project Introduction

ExxonMobil is a global Sustainable Energy Solutions Provider. They are currently improving their asset base to better serve worldwide energy access requirements.

Service/Solution Benefits

The E-SPIR Solution

Driven by an electronic workflow, we deployed the innovative e-SPIR (Spare Parts Interchangeability Records) System – that would arm the organization to review, approve and visualize the complete spare parts requirement from various entry points. This would harness:

  • Collaboration between the customer and their providers
  • In large savings due to the availability of information.

This diligent cloud repository upraised the client’s capacity, by:

  • Capturing and cross-validating data from each entry point.
  • Automatic, compatibility with third-party applications, like Excel, Organization’s asset management, or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.
  • Capability to create multiple SPIRs under a project, each with its independent assets and spares.

It provided an online portal for consultants and contractors to provide

  • asset data
  • asset specifications
  • spare parts listings
  • preventive maintenance schedules

Customer Need and Challenges Constraints

While acquiring new assets, ExxonMobil stood with the following:

  • Heterogeneous Data from Multiple Departments – Design, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning; and various Entities – consultants, vendors, and contractors.
  • Requirement for the available information on upcoming spare parts purchases
  • Reconciliation of various quantities proposed by vendors, and contractors,
  • Homogenizing these quantities as timely available information across multiple projects and referencing internal inventories.