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Client and Project Introduction

The client is in Healthcare that works with thousands of patients on a weekly basis. Here, processing and securing the patients’ data was of significant importance to the client.

Customer Need Challenges Constraints

Client’s pain areas were

  • This healthcare team deals with over 50K service requests weekly in order to update or modify Patient Health Plans on Cerner app hosted on Citrix
  • a backlog of more than 200K transactions that needed immediate remediation. As this was a repetitive process and the workload kept piling up.

Service/Solution Benefits

The solution we provided was simple with

  • Automation with operational bots that were optimized for the workload. They have been responsibly working 24/7/365 without interruption completing all transactions.
  • Real-time and interactive Operational and Business Insights provided further opportunities to optimize these bots and improve there speed.
  • Bots security is certified with Veracode Level 5 making patient information safe and secure.
  • The login credentials for Cerner Application give an additional layer of protection to the patient’s data.