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Client and Project Introduction

This healthcare team was looking for a solution to enhance its network performance. Given the current stresses, this sector needs to function at its best to assist a better standard of living for the entire community.

Customer Need Challenges Constraints

Our client – a healthcare industry giant was facing issues with its legacy network infrastructure. And it could not sustain the growing workloads and instant care needed. There are unique challenges that come with working with archaic systems –

  • It seems slower with time compared to the click-and-go speed we are used to now
  • The apps that it communicates with are also reduced as legacy compatibility is not easily found

Service/Solution Benefits

We Deployed an Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) for our client to

  • enhance network performance
  • enrich the user experience

This helped our client by

  • effectively reducing the downtime due to the slow network speeds

the communication with other applications evolving the business into the current time.