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Hospitality and Hotels

Client and Project Introduction

Buying new devices every time technology changes is not possible, for any enterprise it takes up a significant portion of the budget, especially in the Hospitality and hotel industry.

Customer Need Challenges Constraints

In today’s day and age, it is imperative to maintain and run devices efficiently. We provided our clients with Devices as a Service (DaaS) that helps them leverage the up-to-date technology to maintain operational excellence.

Service/Solution Benefits

DaaS ensures up-to-date technology and devices for an organization with optimum use of technology and budgetary savings.


The benefits our client considered are –

  • They did not have to worry about patching tech updates
  • We ensured device compatibility
  • We provided Role-based access set up across the organization
  • Reduced costs of Onsite IT staff
  • And provided scalable solutions to grow with them


We provided devices ranging from

  • Personal computers for onsite personnel
  • Laptops for on-ground executives
  • Printers and Networking routers to ensure seamless operations across the board