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Management of document control and collaboration on design and construction of mega projects

Client and Project Introduction

A seamless collaboration between the client and its prime contractors was needed. It helped manage project engineering documents which were imperative to the growth within the complex and evolving business framework in the Oil and Gas industry.

Customer Need Challenges Constraints

There was a lack of common ground in communication between our client and their prime contractors to manage project engineering document control. This was limiting their ability to cohesively perform on global standards.

The client needed to harness the power of Document Management for control and collaboration on the design and construction of mega projects worth $70BN

Service/Solution Benefits

We provided a Cloud-based solution so that contractors can remotely collaborate with our client. It also ensured standardization with the suppliers and contractors to give an end-to-end and referenceable chain of information.


We did this with a full Opex subscription base of over 5 years that enhanced their supply chain ​Relations