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Ooredoo Telecommunications

Client and Project Introduction

Ooredoo is a Qatar-based Telecommunications company. They provide mobile, wireless, wireline, and content services

Customer Need Challenges Constraints

The client’s challenges were:

  • The current white space within Ooredoo Data Center Bawsher-1 was insufficient to fulfill the increase in the business demand for Ooredoo’s internal use alongside collocation and hosting requests. So, Ooredoo decided to build a new data center to accommodate 600 racks within challenging environments.
  • The new data Center is to be built within a space inside the existing facility, where the designated location was the car parking area with existing underground utilities (fiber lines, power cables, water liens and fuel lines) with unclear rooting i.e. A main fiber line feeding the major Ooredoo data center and the radar is passing under the designated plot.
  • The electricity authorities rejected Ooredoo’s request for a new substation to feed the new Data Center, as they are obliged to utilize the spare power capacity available in their existing substation/transformers, in which is not sufficient to cover the full load requirement.

The project requirements were:

  • Execution within a live environment with zero downtime
  • The time frame for brick and mortar facility was very tight (18 months)
  • The schedule should not be impacted despite Covid19 restrictions
  • Cost-effective solution
  • A full turnkey solution for the data center. So it was designed and built by ONE contractor with services including design work, consultancy, civil work, MEP work, Data Center work, testing, commissioning, and handing over

Service/Solution Benefits

We provided a solution with

  • Meeting all challenges and the lowest possible CAPEX.
  • Implementing world-leading products in their Data Center
  • Execution and handing-over of the proposed solution ahead of schedule despite the abnormal working conditions that were due to Covid-19 Pandemic.


MDS SI team scrutinized the project requirement and insight visits was performed to study all project aspects. Accordingly, we proposed our state of the art full turnkey solution data center building covering the following main domains:

  • Building Architectural & Structure Design
  • Data Center Design
  • Building MEP Design
  • Project Consultancy
  • Civil Work
  • MEP Work
  • Data Center Work
  • ELV Work
  • Testing and Handing Over


The Solution included-

  • Three Stories building; Ground floor (Car Parking with small Lobby Area), 1st floor (2 Data Halls of 150 Racks) and 2nd floor (2 Data Halls of 150 Racks)
  • Building foundation supporting 4 stories; provision for the 3rd floor and the 4th floor for the future
  • Engaging the existing transformers and the exiting Diesel Generators to feed the new data center building by reconnecting the GenSets and the Transformer along with their related distribution to a new network and by maintaining the high availability and power redundancy (N+1). This power was sufficient to feed the exiting data center and the 1st floor of the New Data Center
  • Modular electromechanical infrastructure flexible to expand the white space from 24 racks up to 150 racks for the 1st floor
  • Independent infrastructure for the 2nd floor that will host 150 racks in future