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UAE Based Transportation Company reinforces its network

Client and Project Introduction

The client is a general public transportation provider which is central to the infrastructure. They needed a resilient Threat Intelligence Platform that helped

  • Aggregate, correlate, and analyze threat data from multiple sources in real-time to support defensive actions.
  • Protect against a variety of threat types most likely to affect their environment.

Threat intelligence is the knowledge that allows the customer to prevent or mitigate cyberattacks.

Service/Solution Benefits

We built a disruptive, comprehensive threat intelligence solution that caters to the client’s pain points.

We created an ecosystem that would

  • Become a reliable way to detect hidden attackers who get inside and
  • Respond instantly to stop in-progress threats from becoming data breaches
  • Hunt proactively for evasive threats
  • Augment their existing security investments
  • Stay ahead with the changing threat landscape, and
  • Offer exceptional scale across cloud, data center, IT, and IoT networks

Through this customers and associated entities become able to

  • Combat cyber threats through a multi-collaborative threat-intel platform with tailored curated threat intelligence
  • Provide actionable strategic and tactical choices that impact security
  • This intelligence will be to service all three levels of applied threat intelligence, viz, Strategic, Tactical, and Operational
  • Collaborate and disseminate vital threat intelligence with Customer trusted entities and departments in both machine-readable and human-readable formats.

We also implemented a threat-hunting solution that delivered:

  • Real-time attack visibility
  • Readily available, On-demand Attack details to empower immediate action
  • Ability to find active attackers inside the customer’s network
  • Automation of security investigations with conclusive answers
  • Enriched Monitoring of all traffic sources – internally and via the Internet,
  • Integration with the customer’s SIEM, firewalls, NAC, and endpoint solutions.

Customer need and Challenges Constraints 

The Client needed that

  • Their associated entities become able to combat cyber threats through a collaborative, reliable threat-intel platform with tailored, curated threat intelligence
  • To detect hidden attackers and respond instantly to stop in-progress threats from becoming data breaches.